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Take the Kids to the Beach

That’s it, summer. We’re going to the beach! We’re going to bury our feet in the sand. Build sandcastles. Toss rocks into the water. Chase the waves. Body surf. Swim. Float. Throw mud. Dive under water like we’re a dolphin. We’re going to play all day! Are you with us? Share your favourite thing to

Medieval Reenactments

When Old is New Again: Medieval Reenactments Know what’s cool? There are adults out there who dress up in medieval garb and reenact battles, fights, and events from medieval times. They fight for the honour and hand of young fair maidens. They poke, slash, prod, and defeat their enemy. Knee to the ground and they

Take the Kids to the Horse Races

[divider] Have you ever been to the horse races? Last year they started a horse race track near where we live. So of course I had to check it out and take the kids to the horse races! And yes, some of you might be aghast and thinking: You took your kids to the track!!??