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Things to Do With Kids In Nature: Look For Butterflies

Are you looking for outdoor activities to do with the kids? Maybe get a little vitamin N (for nature) as Tim Gill (of Rethinking Childhood) says? Wondering where to start? I’ve got a question for you!: Have you gone looking for butterflies lately? Why Kids Love Looking for Butterflies They look so cool They are

Write in the Sand

>Write and draw in the wet, packed sand along the shore. If there are waves, can you write your name before the wave washes it away? How much of the alphabet can you write out before the waves get it? Make this a family activity: See who can write the most of the alphabet before

Build a Sandcastle

>Build a sandcastle. To build a sandcastle, you will need damp sand that can be packed into a container or can be shaped by hand into different castle parts. Hint: Shells, grass, sticks and leaves can be used to decorate your sandcastle. Make this a family activity: Have the whole family work together to build