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Count Clocks Game

How many clocks do you have in your house? You might be surprised where clocks are hiding. Does your microwave have a clock? How about your stereo? Coffeemaker? DVD player? Phone? Thermostat? Do all the clocks agree with each other? P.S. Daylight Savings Time begins today. Because it is almost spring and the days are

Time Yourself: A Math Challenge for Kids

How fast can you run across the yard? How fast can you hop? How fast can you clean your room? How fast can you roll across the living room? Time yourself and see if you can beat your own record! Make this a family activity: Who is the fastest at what? Can they beat their

Dare to Compare: A Game for Kids

Take a look around. Are there things you can compare? This is a great game for those boring times when you are waiting around somewhere. Hey, it’s fun even if you’re just looking out the window! Here are a few ideas to get you started in Dare to Compare: What season is it? Winter? Okay,

Measure Yourself

How tall are you? How long is your hand? How big is your ankle? How long are all of your toes? Make this a family activity: See who has the longest toe. Who has the shortest toe? Who has the longest hair? Dare to compare! This activity promotes math skills.