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Double Dare: Do Something Scary

Got your Scaredy Pants on? How about swapping them for some Brave Pants this weekend? I Double Dare and Triple Dog Dare You To Do Something “Scary” With Your Kids I was emailing with Lenore Skenazy (one of my heroes in parenting and a woman I admire greatly) today and she noted that I had

Sensory Smart Kids Begins With Free Play

I’m going to say it. You don’t need specific, sensory activities (or tactile activities) for your child. Sensory tubs. Sensory this. Sensory that. A book on how to raise a sensory smart kid. You are a good parent and childhood is naturally sensory. It’s difficult to raise a sensory “stupid” child. However, if you look

Bring a Story to Life

Bring a Story to Life! Let’s face it, sometimes it’s difficult to get kids interested in books as well as reading. But literacy is becoming increasingly important in our lives as more and more communication turns to the written form. Kids need to know how to read well, write well, and interpret words well. So

Let’s Go Kayaking!

It’s hot. It’s summer. Water is good. Being active is good. How can we combine it all? In a kayak! What is a Kayak? A kayak is a traditional water craft that was invented by the Inuit of the north. Originally it was built using a wooden frame  covered in seal skins. Today’s kayaks are

Pretend Play: What Animal Are You?

Sometimes it can drive us parents slightly bonkers when we set a nice meal on the table only to be joined by a dog dressed as our youngest child. They try to eat without hands. Try to lap the water out of their glass (if they haven’t already asked for an accommodation in the form

Last Child on the Farm

[divider] Today I have a little special something from writer Kathy Coatney called “Last Child on the Farm” which is an essay she wrote about her childhood growing up on a farm and knowing firsthand where food comes from. Kathy is a photojournalist and farm gal who knows first hand the value of play in

Fathers and Play: The Benefits

Fathers have an important place in the worlds. Sometimes they play “the bad guy” and sometimes they play “the good guy.” But in the end, there is nothing as benefits as fathers who play with their children. Not only is it a way to decompress, it is a great way to connect and bond. Fathers