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Count Clocks Game

How many clocks do you have in your house? You might be surprised where clocks are hiding. Does your microwave have a clock? How about your stereo? Coffeemaker? DVD player? Phone? Thermostat? Do all the clocks agree with each other? P.S. Daylight Savings Time begins today. Because it is almost spring and the days are

Count the Pictures/Paintings in Your House

Look at the walls in your house. Do you have posters, pictures, or paintings on your walls? Count them! You can count pictures that aren’t on the walls, too. Make this a family activity: Everyone counts and sees if everyone got the same number. This activity promotes math and visual identification skills.

Counting Doors: A Counting Game for Kids

>Where are you? How many doors are there? You can start by counting how many doors people walk through. Then look around a bit more carefully. What about closest doors? How many are there? How about cupboard doors? Everywhere you look, there are doors. Dryer doors, oven doors, maybe even a pet door. How many