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Let’s Write to Santa Claus!

Write to Santa!   It’s less than a month until Christmas! And that means if your kids want to write to Santa Claus they’d better hustle their bustles! Up here in the chilly north (Canada) if you write Santa, he will write you back. (Very exciting!) Assuming you write him in time, of course–the guy

Candy Christmas Tree

>Make a pretty, edible (that means you can eat it) Christmas tree. You will need: a pointy ended ice cream cone, green icing, and candies. Cover the ice cream cone with icing and stick your candies on the tree and voila! You have a yummy tree. For icing, you can make your own, or buy

Write a Letter to Santa Claus

>Write a letter to Santa. Tell him how you’ve been doing and let him know what you would like for Christmas. If you write him now, he might even have time to write you back! If you want to mail your letter to Santa (don’t forget to include your mailing address so he can mail