Ring Toss Craft and Activity/Game

Ring Toss Craft and Activity for Kids

Make Your Own Ring Toss Craft and Activity for Kids

Do your kids have Olympic fever? Or maybe they’re just looking for a fun game to play around the house (hello, rainy day activity!), or one to play at a birthday party… either way, I’ve got you covered.

This ring toss game is an easy craft using recycled materials you can find around the house.

What you need to make a ring toss game for kids:

  • Tall yogurt container
  • Paper towel cardboard roll (A more firm cardboard roll like those found with aluminum foil or clear plastic wrap works well–you can also roll a section of newspaper into a tight roll.)
  • Two or more lids from round yogurt containers (These will be your rings. So the more rings you want, the more lids you will need.)
  • A sharp utility knife and an adult’s assistance
  • Construction paper (optional)
  • Markers, paint, or stickers (optional–However you want to decorate your ring toss game–or skip this step all together if you want to get playing!)

 How to make your own ring toss game and craft for kids:

Have an adult trim the top two inches off the yogurt container. (The “top” being the opening end of the container–it will become the “bottom” of the ring toss stand.) This will be the ring toss base and will need to be stable. Trimming the bottom off the container will help with that. Make sure you make it even so it sits well.

Also have an adult cut an ‘x’ shape into the bottom of the yogurt container.

Decorate the cardboard roll (or rolled up newspaper) to make it gorgeous. Some ideas include, painting it, colouring it with markers, sticking it with stickers, or covering it with construction paper, wrapping paper, or whatever else you have that looks interesting.

Slide the paper towel roll into the slits made in the bottom of the yogurt container. It should stay nicely on its own.

Have an adult carefully cut out the inside sections of the yogurt lids so they become a (closed) ring instead of a solid disk. (Cut out the middle of the lids.) These lids will be your rings.

It looks like you’re done!

Time to find some space and play ring toss!

Place the stand a few feet away and try to toss your rings onto the cardboard roll sticking up. Can you get it? If it is too easy, keeping backing up until it gets harder. Too hard? Move closer.

Can you toss the ring with your left hand? Right hand? Both hands? From behind your back? Without looking? From between your legs? Make it a challenge. Gotten good? Invite your friends over to play! They can be one country and you can be another–competing in the Olympics! Wahoo! Have fun, and enjoy!

What games do your kids like to play at home? What country are they cheering for in the Olympics?

P.S. This craft was built at our public library with help from our lovely librarian, Mary. Thanks, Mary!


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