Reasons to Watch Live Sports with the Kids

Live sports--volleyball

The other day we were lucky enough to be able to watch one of the Provincial volleyball games final games. The whole family went out and watched and the kids loved it. To see teams playing well together. Communicating on the court, encouraging each other, cheering for each other–it was great to watch. As well, as in any high-stakes game, my daughter got to see what good sportsmanship and not-so-good sportsmanship looked like from a different point of view. In fact, she chose which team to cheer for based on the team’s behaviour on court.

Now, it isn’t always easy to find free sports events to attend with the kids, but I bet if you look around you’ll find something. High schools often allow the community to come out and watch and cheer them on. As well, some colleges and universities have low cost games the public can watch. And then, possibly less serious, are the community games which are drop-in or simply community teams playing against each other (anyone can join, anyone can watch).

Why watch live sports with the kids?

It’s interactive (Duck–here comes the ball!)

They can meet the players should they wish

They get the full sensory overload of the court noise, the players, the coaches, the refs, the audience

They get involved in a way they won’t watching it on television

They’ll feel the emotion of it from the crowds and players

Role models

They’ll see the whole nitty-gritty aspect of it. The sweat, the sidelines, the people standing in the doorway, the audience’s rumbles  and mumbles.

It gets you out of the house

Kids are more likely to get involved in sports if they see it live and in action–how can you not get pumped about it! It’s right there and happening!

So get out there! Volleyball just ended but that means basketball season is up next! Take your kids out and enjoy!

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