Play With Your Food

Play with your food. You know you wanna.

Play with your food.


Have You Played With Your Food Lately?

Go play with your food.

That’s right. I said it. It’s break the rules week here at It’s All Kid’s Play and this is a nice, fun place to start!

And if you need some inspiration… how about:

Spaghetti. Slurp it.

Milk. Blow bubbles in it.

Gargle it.

Swish it between your teeth and then back into your glass. (GROSS!) Or at your brother. Or if you want to really shock your kids–at them!!! Your pick.

Orange wedges or cucumber slices or tomato wedges to “brighten” your smile.

Kiwi eyes like pictured above.

Mashed Potato Volcano. (Come on, we’ve all done it. Don’t deprive the next generation!)

Spaghetti noodle mustache.

See Food. (Chew your food (don’t swallow) and then ask your sibling if they want some “seafood.” Open your mouth, Voila–See Food.)

Pea shooter. Yeah. We’re talking food fight! (You can also use your spoon to nicely fling peas a nice distance. Not that I know that from experience… oh, who am I kidding?

I remember my parents letting my brother fling peas at each other at the table once. It was like… really? We aren’t getting in trouble for this? All right!!!!! Game on! (And yes, we cleaned up the peas afterwards without being asked.)

And then there was the time my brother chased me through the house with half-rotten crab apples from our orchard. Yeah. That made a mess. And boy did I run fast. Who wants to get hit by hard, gushy crab apples being whipped at you? Not me!! Our basement walls were stained for years. Strangely us feral children didn’t get caught doing that nor did the after effects get pinned on us. Strange. I guess Mom and Dad had bigger fish to fry in those days. (Or maybe it was because we lived in an old school so a few crab apple stains weren’t exactly obvious.)

Go have a food fight, and if you want, share your best food fight stories in the comment section below. We’ll relive our childhoods and live vicariously through each other. And… go!

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