Penny Rugby (aka Quarters Game)

>To play Penny Rugby, you will need a friend, a table and a penny (or other coin).

Each person sits across from each other at a small table. One person goes first (player 1). Player 1 starts with the penny overhanging (balanced half on and half off the table) their end of the table. Player 1 flicks the penny with their fingers or bumps it with their hand up to 3 times to move it across the table. If the penny goes off the table or doesn’t overhang the other end, they do not get points and the turn goes to the other player (player 2). If it overhangs, player 1 gets 5 points and a chance to go to goal.

To go to goal, player 1 spins the penny on the table and catches it between their thumbs while it is spinning. (If they do not catch it between their thumbs, their turn ends). If they catch it, player 2 makes a goalpost by placing their thumbs together and spreading their hands out, elbows on the table. Player 1 keeps holding the penny between their thumbs, then ‘throws’ the penny through the goal (2 more points if they get it between the posts). Whether it goes in or not, it is now player 2’s turn.

Make it a family activity: Have a tournament!

This activity promotes coordination, judgment and fine motor skills.

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