Mini Basketball Craft: Olympic Craft for Kids

Basketball Craft for Kids

An easy Olympic inspired craft and game for kids.

Do your kids have Olympic fever? If so, I’ve got an Olympic themed craft for your pint sized basketball fans.

Supplies Needed to Make This Easy Olympic Craft for Kids

  • Small paper plate
  • Small plastic container (A baby food container, mini yogurt container, or apple sauce container works well)
  • White Glue
  • Markers
  • Magnet
  • Tin foil
  • Stapler

How to Make Your Own Basketball Net

The paper plate will be the backboard so before you attach the net, decorate it. You can write words like a team or country name on it, draw the backboard lines, or whatever strikes your fancy such as… flowers. Butterflies. Smiley faces! Stickers!

Cut the bottom out of the small plastic container. Staple the container to the backboard.

Glue the magnet to the backboard and stick the whole thing to the fridge when the glue is dry. Voila! It’s done!

MODIFICATIONS: If you don’t have a small paper plate or a small plastic container, you can make a bigger basketball net using a full sized yogurt container or other plastic container and use a bigger paper plate as the backboard. As well, if you don’t have paper plates, you can cut a blackboard out of cardboard. Just remember, the bigger and heavier the craft, the harder it will be to make it stick to the fridge using a magnet. You may need to make other modifications to the craft as well.

Let’s Play!

Oh! Wait. We need one more thing before we play… we need a basketball! A bouncy ball might destroy your net, but taking a small piece of tin foil and crunching it into a ball will work well.

Ta da! Your kids are ready to play a game of basketball with their Olympic-inspired craft!

Play on and enjoy!

How about you? Are your kids making Olympic crafts?



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