Medieval Reenactments

Medieval Reenactments

When Old is New Again: Medieval Reenactments

Know what’s cool? There are adults out there who dress up in medieval garb and reenact battles, fights, and events from medieval times. They fight for the honour and hand of young fair maidens. They poke, slash, prod, and defeat their enemy. Knee to the ground and they are “dead.” Up they pop again to battle another opponent moments later.

Tournaments. Demonstrations. Lessons. Entertainment!

Swords. Arrows. Horses. Dancing. Feasts. Stories. Banquets. Fun.

Know what else is cool? Sometimes on days like today–Independence Day in the US–folks perform these medieval reenactments for crowds at festivals and fairs for free. And sometimes they set up HUGE events complete with medieval food. It’s a whole medieval world that will draw in your kids and amaze them. Dazzle them. Boost their curiosity about the past. Their imagination about what life used to be like. And entertain them to no end.

So what are you doing today? Will you see any Medieval Reenactments on your Fourth of July adventures?

P.S. Medieval Times anyone? It’s a regular tournament and banquet in many North American cities. Enjoy!

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