Knock Your Socks Off Game

Get a pile of friends together and play the Knock Your Socks Off game! It’s so much fun… it’ll knock your socks off!!!

How to play Knock Your Socks Off

Divide the group of players (6-16 players works well) into two teams. Everyone needs to be wearing socks. The teams get down on their hands and knees as this is a crawling game–you cannot stand up or stand on your feet at any point during the game. Choose an area for the game such as the living room–if you leave the boundaries of the game area, you are automatically out.

When the game starts, the two teams begin crawling around, trying to pull the socks off the other team’s feet. The goal is to get all the socks off the other team. Once a sock is off a foot, it stays off. Once a player has no socks left on, they move to the sidelines to cheer on the other players (they are out of the game).

No kicking! And no grabbing at your own sock if someone is pulling it off. And no knee-high socks or stirrup pants–they are so unfair! (I know this because everyone used to whine when I did it. Sorry!)

Make this a family activity: Break into teams. Parents against kids or boys against girls or just mix it up! Watch out: Mom tickles!

This activity promotes speed, agility and a little healthy competition.

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