Decorate Cupcakes, Kids!

Come on kids, let’s decorate cupcakes!

This is a great activity for a rainy day or for birthday parties. Kids decorate the cupcakes and then eat them! Yum!

Food Fun for Kids--Decorated Cupcakes to look like Mice

What you will need to decorate cupcakes:

You don’t need much. Just cupcakes (cake mix and muffin tins works great if you don’t want the work of baking them from scratch), icing (canned icing is fine–some of it even tastes like icing), and goodies to decorate!

Some ideas for toppings include cookies, licorice, chocolate chips, sprinkles, small candies like Smarties, Reeces Pieces, and M & Ms. Check out the bulk candy section in your local food store or use whatever is hanging out in your cupboards!

If you want to get fancy and try piping and decorating with icing, you can use a plastic bag as an icing bag. Fill bag with icing and close the bag. Trim one corner of the bag so you have an opening and squeeze the icing out wherever you want it.

As well, use food colouring to brighten up your icing. Also, check out the small tubes of icing designed for decorating cakes–found in the baking aisle. (They can be a bit pricey though. Kids do love them though!)

Experiment! Have fun! Gooooo crazy!

But most of all…

Play on and enjoy!

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