Dare to Compare: A Game for Kids

Take a look around. Are there things you can compare?

This is a great game for those boring times when you are waiting around somewhere. Hey, it’s fun even if you’re just looking out the window!

Here are a few ideas to get you started in Dare to Compare: What season is it? Winter? Okay, how many people are wearing boots? How many are wearing shoes? What about hats? If it is summer, you can compare things like how many people are wearing shorts. How many aren’t wearing shorts?

What else can you compare? How about Tall vs. short. Colours (Black pants vs. blue pants or Silver cars vs. black cars.) Birds. Or make it harder and compare more than one thing like Cars vs. Trucks vs. Vans. You can compare anything and everything!

Make this a family activity: Each member of your family picks one thing to watch for. They count how many they see. Then, get together and compare.

This activity promotes math skills as well as visual identification skills and detail awareness.

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