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>#147: Splash/Spray Park or Waterslides

>Let’s get wet! Check out your local splash/spray park or waterslides. While waterslides can be expensive, some towns have a splash/spray park or wading pool that is free. Snoop around and see what you can find to cool down. Safety First: Bring an adult. Make this a family activity: Get the whole family splashing and

>#101: Look for Tadpoles

>Tadpoles are baby frogs. They have front legs and a long tail. They may also be starting to grow their back legs–making them a bit funny looking. When baby frogs are still in the tadpole stage, they can’t breathe above water like an adult frog can. They also are very good at hiding. Safety First:

>#82: Search for Sea Glass

>Sometimes people throw bottles in the ocean or sea. When they break, they either remain sharp (and bad for bare feet!) or become sea glass. If bits of broken glass stay in the ocean long enough, it gets worn down by sand and waves. Sea glass is what we call the worn down pieces. These