>#205: Watch a Movie in the Car

>It’s travel season. When you’ve exhausted all the games here, try a movie. If you don’t have a movie player and you are going on a really long trip, see if you can borrow a portable movie player from a friend. (And maybe a movie too!) Make this a family activity: Everyone in the backseat–it’s

>#163: Pick 20

>Are you stuck in the car for hours and bored out of your mind? Play the car ride game, Pick 20. 20 Pick something, then try to find 20 of them. What did you pick? Red cars? Waterfalls? Semis? Yellow signs? Trees? Traffic Lights? Minivans? Make this a family activity: Everyone picks 20 of something

>#127: Guess the Number

> 21? 40? 5? 87? One player picks a number in their head. The other player(s) try and guess what the number is. They can ask questions like, “is it higher than _______?” For example: Is the number over 60?No.Is it an even number?Yes.Is it 20?No.Is it over 20?Yes.Is it 44?Yes! Make it a family

>#102: Car Ride Scavenger Hunt

>Who says you can’t have a scavenger hunt in the car? Nobody, that’s who! So, let’s go! What to do: Look for the items listed below (or make your own list) while riding in the car. You don’t have to find the ‘real’ items. For example, if you see a picture of a cow, or

>#68: Round Up!

>You can add your own rules or change the game to work for where you are driving. Here are a few rules to get you started: Each player chooses a side of the road. They will try to spot as many cows as they can on their side of the road. That means they can’t

>#38: Pick and Count

>To keep you from getting bored while in the car, pick something to count (like trees, red cars, dumpsters, cows) and see how many you find. You can set a time limit, like two minutes to make it more of a challenge. You can also play against someone on the other side of the car.