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See How Far You Can Jump

>How far can you jump? What if you run and jump? What about on one leg? The other leg? Can you jump as far? Can you jump as far if you use both legs? How high can you jump? This activity promotes physical activity and challenging one’s limits.

>#15: Write Thank You Letters

>It’s not too late to send people thank you letters from Christmas. Or maybe you had a birthday recently. Why not send people a note saying thank you and how much you are enjoying your new gift? They are sure to appreciate it! If you haven’t gotten a gift recently, or have already written your

Counting Doors: A Counting Game for Kids

>Where are you? How many doors are there? You can start by counting how many doors people walk through. Then look around a bit more carefully. What about closest doors? How many are there? How about cupboard doors? Everywhere you look, there are doors. Dryer doors, oven doors, maybe even a pet door. How many