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>#375: Research Someone Famous/You Admire

>Research someone famous, or someone you admire. Is there someone you know or someone you have heard of that you want to learn more about? Make a list of questions you are interested in finding the answers to. They might be questions like: What is their favourite colour? How old are they? When and where

Make up Funny Words and Definitions for Them

>Time to get wordy and goofy! Make up words. How about Suchatuft What is it? Make that up too (that’s a definition)! I think Suchatuft is the tuft of hair that sticks out around a dog or cat’s ear. What do you think? Who can make the craziest word and definition? Use your new words–you

Count Windows: A Math Game for Kids

How many windows are there in your home? Count them! Yikes! That’s a lot of windows! To make it more challenging, see if you can count them all from memory–that means you close your eyes and try to picture all the windows and count them in your mind. Can you do it? Have you already

>#349: My Pet Peeves List

>Are there things that make your grumpy? Drive you crazy? Write them down. (These crazy-making things are called pet peeves.) Want to look on the bright side? Make a favourites list. Make this a family activity: Get the whole family to write down their pet peeves. Pet peeves make a good family discussion topic. Work

>#345: Learn to Say Something in a Different Language

>Hello! (English) Ola! (Spanish) Bonjour! (French) Hallo! (Dutch and German) Mambo! (Congo) Aloha! (Hawaiian) Habari! (Swahili)The list goes on… how many can you learn and remember? Make this a family activity: If you work together to learn new words, you are more likely to remember them. This activity promotes verbal skills and an appreciation for

Dare to Compare: A Game for Kids

Take a look around. Are there things you can compare? This is a great game for those boring times when you are waiting around somewhere. Hey, it’s fun even if you’re just looking out the window! Here are a few ideas to get you started in Dare to Compare: What season is it? Winter? Okay,