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Homemade Rain Gauge

A homemade rain gauge is a fun and easy craft for kids and uses supplies you probably already have on hand at home. Whether your kids measure the rain for a science project or just for fun, it’s a cool way to measure how much rain really fell. You can measure one rain storm, or

>#383: Make a Puppet

>Make a puppet! Making a puppet can be as simple or as hard as you want it to be! Here are instructions on how to make different kinds of puppets: Paper Bag Puppets: Take a paper lunch bag and where the bottom of the bag folds, create a face. The fold will be the puppet’s

>#164: Make a Birdhouse

>To make a birdhouse, you will need some building supplies. You can find these at a hardware store. Sometimes hardware stores also have birdhouse kits that include all the pieces you need to make a birdhouse–already cut–along with instructions. If you are feeling creative and want to build a birdhouse without a kit, you can

>#112: Build a car, truck or submarine

>Using a cardboard box, build yourself a vehicle (a car, truck, submarine or even something else). To make your vehicle bigger, tape two boxes together or use a large fridge box. To make your box look like the vehicle you want, draw or paint the outside. You can use paper plates to make a steering

>#73: Make a Grass Head

>Materials needed:An old knee-high stocking (or the leg cut off an old pair of nylons)15 mL (1 tablespoon) grass seed750 mL (3 cups) sawdust or peat mossBowlSaucer or plateWaterMarkers, white glue, goggly eyes (or buttons) Place grass seed in the toe of the stocking. Fill the foot of the stocking with sawdust or peat moss.