>#392: Magic Carpet!

>Pretend you are taking a magic carpet ride! Get on a blanket, towel, or little carpet and pretend you are flying through the air. What do you see down there? Is there someone in need of rescue? Make this a family activity: Give your family members a ride! Where should you go? What do you

>#370: Create an Invisible Friend

>Do you have an invisible friend? No? Why not create one. If you already have an invisible friend, create another one. Who is your invisible friend? Give them a name, birthday, hobbies, favourite foods, and books they like to read. When you get bored or lonely, talk and play with your invisible friend. Have tea

>#320: Pretend to be a Mime

>Mimes cannot talk or make noises. They act out what they are thinking or want to say by using their hands, body and facial expressions. Can you be a mime? Make this a family activity: Take turns acting things out as a mime, or work together. Try not to laugh! This activity promotes physical space

>#301: Spend a Million Dollars

>Come on, I know you wanna. How far does a million dollars go? Can you spend a million dollars ($1, 000, 000)? Get out a calculator, a few catalogues (for prices and ideas) and see how much you could buy if you had a million dollars. Is it hard? Is it easy? Hmmm… how much

>#211: Pretend You Are an Animal

>What kind of animal are you? Where do you live? What do you do during the day? How do you act? What do you eat? Make this a family activity: someone can be the animal trainer, or you can all be animals together. This activity promotes awareness of other species and their behaviour.

>#193: Pretend You Are a Celebrity / Famous

>Pretend you are a celebrity (a famous person). What do they do? What do they talk like? What do they wear? Where do they go? Make it a family activity: Every celebrity needs celebrity friends, family, photographers, assistants and more! This activity promotes imagination.