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Pretend Play: What Animal Are You?

Sometimes it can drive us parents slightly bonkers when we set a nice meal on the table only to be joined by a dog dressed as our youngest child. They try to eat without hands. Try to lap the water out of their glass (if they haven’t already asked for an accommodation in the form

>#392: Magic Carpet!

>Pretend you are taking a magic carpet ride! Get on a blanket, towel, or little carpet and pretend you are flying through the air. What do you see down there? Is there someone in need of rescue? Make this a family activity: Give your family members a ride! Where should you go? What do you

>#370: Create an Invisible Friend

>Do you have an invisible friend? No? Why not create one. If you already have an invisible friend, create another one. Who is your invisible friend? Give them a name, birthday, hobbies, favourite foods, and books they like to read. When you get bored or lonely, talk and play with your invisible friend. Have tea

>#320: Pretend to be a Mime

>Mimes cannot talk or make noises. They act out what they are thinking or want to say by using their hands, body and facial expressions. Can you be a mime? Make this a family activity: Take turns acting things out as a mime, or work together. Try not to laugh! This activity promotes physical space