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>#292: See If Your Name is a Website

>Type your name into a search engine and add things like .org, .com., and .ca to it to see if there is a website. For example: JeanOram.com. Hint: If you type your name directly into your browser’s address bar, you could end up going to a ‘bad’ site. Check it out on a search engine

>#240: Send a Friend a Text Message, Instant Message or Email

>Send a friend or family member a text message, instant message or email. Did you meet a friend over the summer and want to stay in touch? Want to say, ‘hi’, to your mom or dad? Send them a message to let them know you are thinking of them. Make this a family activity: Everyone

Research Favourites on the Internet

> What is your favourite animal? Your favourite movie? Your favourite person in history? Or maybe you are simply curious about how a pet-friendly restaurant works. Research it! Being curious is the best part of being kid. Feed that curiosity with a little researched info on what interests YOU! The Internet has become an amazing