>#100: Watch Construction

>Safety First: Stay out of construction areas. Obey all signs and workers. Make sure you keep yourself safe. If there is a fence, do not climb it or sneak past it. Construction sites can be dangerous. Usually when buildings or roads are being built, there is a safe place where people can watch the machines

>#91: Visit an Art Gallery

> Art credit: Ellen Dick Grab the family and check out your local art gallery. Which piece is your favourite? What do you think the artist is trying to say with their art? Did you know art show openings are open to the public and artists love it when people come to see them and

>#71: Go to a Trade Show

>A trade show can be about cars, local businesses, computers, weddings, comic books, skis, RVs, books, and more! A trade show usually has many booths with contests, phamplets and people, people, people. Check to see what’s happening around your town/city this weekend. Maybe you can go to a trade show. This activity promotes exploring interests.

>#57: Visit the Zoo

> Let’s get out of the house and see some animals! You can visit a big zoo, or a petting zoo or even a privately owned zoo. This activity promotes learning about and an awareness of the Earth’s variety of creatures.

>#44: Visit a Museum

>There are art museums, dinosaur museums, airplane museums, gopher museums, children’s museums (lots of fun–everything is made for kids to touch!), music museums, war museums, ocean museums…. What are you interested in seeing and learning about? What is close by? Type your province/state and ‘museums’ into a search engine and see what is close. Maybe

>#4: People Watching

> This one is good if you are waiting for your parents. Hang on, what is people watching? Well, people watching is…when you watch people! You can people watch anywhere you find people (it might be out your front window, at school, just down the street or at the mall). Look at the people walking