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Dandelions!: Dandelion Games for Kids

That’s Right… Dandelions! Friend, Not Foe Summer is almost over. (WAH!) And that means a lot of things. And one is the end of Dandelions. While fathers around the neighbourhood may rejoice that their battle with these prolific flowering weeds will soon come to a close for the season, it’s a rather sad day for

Capillary Action Experiment: Daisies and Food Colouring

Well, the picture kind of says it all on this one (a capillary action experiment for kids to try at home). How to Change the Colour of Daisies Using Capillary Action First you will need a couple of white daisies (ones that have just bloomed are a bit better than ‘old’ daisies). Then, grab a

>#327: Start a Plant From a Seed or Cutting

>You can start a plant from a seed, or from a cutting. A cutting is a piece cut or pinched off a plant. Sometimes you can start a new houseplant by cutting a piece off a big one. For most plants, placing the cutting in water makes it grow roots so you can plant it.

>#234: Press Flowers

>Take a look around outside, are there any flowers still blooming? If you live in the southern hemisphere (south of the equator), are there are first flowers of spring yet? Pick a few flowers you would like to keep. Place them between two pieces of newspaper. Put a flat, heavy object like a big book

>#228: Collect Leaves or Pine Cones

>What kind of leaves and pine cones do you have in your area? See how many different types you can find. Make this a family activity: Work together to find different kinds of leaves or cones, as well as what type of tree they came from. This activity promotes visual identification and comparison skills, as