>#209: Dance

>Get out the boogie! Turn on music that makes you want to move and dance! How do you make a tissue dance?Put a little boogie in it. Make this a family activity: Get the whole family up and moving. This activity promotes coordination and timing.

>#97: Gargle a Song

>Can you gargle? Gargling is when you fill your mouth partway with water then tip your head back and let the water into the back of your mouth. This is the tricky part: don’t inhale and don’t swallow! Make funny noises in your throat to swish the water around. Ask an adult to show you

>#66: Listen to New Music

> Tune into a radio station you normally don’t listen to, or pick out a CD you’ve never listened to. There are lots of different types of music: Classical Rap/Hip Hop Pop Blues Jazz Country Rock and Roll Baroque Alternative Reggae Middle Eastern New Age Latin World Marching Bands Folk Electronic Blue Grass AfricanIndustrial Children’s