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>#360: Whistle / Learn to Whistle

>Can you whistle? Whistle a song! Can you whistle like different birds? If you can’t whistle, practice puckering your lips and blowing air in and out through your lips. Can you make a small whistling sound? You are on your way! Can you do like the picture above and put two fingers in your mouth

>#291: Listen to Music

>Turn on the radio, mp3 player, CD player, record player, tape deck, or whatever you’ve got. Listen to the music and see what happens! Make this a family activity: Get the people in your family to share their favourite music with you. This activity promotes music appreciation which can improve math abilities.

Make a Cheerleading Routine

>Get some friends together and make a cheerleading routine. If you need pompoms, make your own from plastic shopping bags. Smooth out the bag, then grab its bottom. Scrunch a bit of the bottom together in your hand to make a handle for your pompom. Roll tape around your handle. Using scissors, cut the rest

>#258: Make a Muscial Instrument

>Make your own musical instruments. An upside down pail can be a drum. A shoebox can be a guitar: stretch rubber bands over the opening. A flute can be made from an empty paper towel roll. What else can you make? These cymbals were made from the can lids from Boy Scout’s popcorn cans. A

>#243: Make a Mixed Tape, CD, or Playlist

>What are your favourite songs? Put them all on one CD, tape or playlist for an mp3 player. You can also make a compilation (group of songs) that is fun to dance to, for a friend, or…whatever you want! Make this a family activity: Everyone makes a list for someone else in the family. This