>#344: Lip Sync

>Lip syncing is when you sing along to a song, but don’t sing out loud. So your lips are moving at the right time, but no sound is coming out. It’s kind of like you have become the singer in the band! Put on your favourite song and lip sync! If you want you can

>#291: Listen to Music

>Turn on the radio, mp3 player, CD player, record player, tape deck, or whatever you’ve got. Listen to the music and see what happens! Make this a family activity: Get the people in your family to share their favourite music with you. This activity promotes music appreciation which can improve math abilities.

Make a Cheerleading Routine

>Get some friends together and make a cheerleading routine. If you need pompoms, make your own from plastic shopping bags. Smooth out the bag, then grab its bottom. Scrunch a bit of the bottom together in your hand to make a handle for your pompom. Roll tape around your handle. Using scissors, cut the rest