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>#267: Farmer in the Dell

>Number of players needed to play Farmer in the Dell: 10 or more. Players hold hands and dance in circle around one player who is the farmer. As everyone sings the song (below) the farmer picks someone from the circle to be his wife. The wife then picks a child, the child picks a nurse,

Mirror Game for Kids

>Once person moves and makes faces while the other person stands in front of them and pretends they are a mirror. The mirror tries to do the exact same things at the same time as the other person. Make this a family activity: Play with your family instead of a friend. This activity promotes prediction

>#170: Human Knot

>How do you make a Human Knot? Gather people together–the more you have holding hands, the harder it gets! Everyone stands in a group and grabs hands. Once everyone has someone else’s hand in each of their hands, everyone slowly tries to untie the human knot to form a large circle. But don’t let go

Penny Rugby (aka Quarters Game)

>To play Penny Rugby, you will need a friend, a table and a penny (or other coin). Each person sits across from each other at a small table. One person goes first (player 1). Player 1 starts with the penny overhanging (balanced half on and half off the table) their end of the table. Player

>#149: Spoons

>You will need 4 or more players, a spoon for each player (minus one player), and a deck of cards. Spoons are placed in the middle of the players where everyone can reach them. One spoon per player, minus one player. So, if you have 4 players, put out 3 spoons. From the deck of