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>#260: Make or Decorate a Picture Frame

>You can make or decorate your own picture frame. If you are decorating one, find a frame (garage sales, dollar stores and second hand stores are good places to look for inexpensive frames) that you can paint, colour or decorate with markers or cover with cloth. Some ideas: Use paint or markers to color your

>#190: Memory Box

>A memory box is a decorated box for storing special items. Usually they are made to remember a person or a special event. For example, if you went on a vacation, or a friend was moving away, you might make a memory box. You will need: a small box with a lid (like a shoebox),

>#187: Pencil Container

>Decorating a jar or can to make a pencil holder is a great gift idea. You will need: empty jar or can about 8 x 10 cm (3-4 inches) tall with a wide opening at the top, tissue paper, pencil, white glue, and a shallow container for glue (like a jar lid). Cut tissue paper

Homemade Cards

>Happy Mother’s Day! Make your mom a homemade card. Homemade cards always feel more special than a card made in a store (although there is nothing wrong with those!). You can make a homemade card with plain paper, construction paper, coloured paper or use special card making supplies. Simply fold your paper in a card

>#106: Make a Photo Album

>Have you been taking your own pictures like in activity #85? Or maybe you have photos laying around or on the computer? Make a photo album! You can print your pictures and put them in a photo album from the store, or make your own album. You can even make a photo album online or

>#73: Make a Grass Head

>Materials needed:An old knee-high stocking (or the leg cut off an old pair of nylons)15 mL (1 tablespoon) grass seed750 mL (3 cups) sawdust or peat mossBowlSaucer or plateWaterMarkers, white glue, goggly eyes (or buttons) Place grass seed in the toe of the stocking. Fill the foot of the stocking with sawdust or peat moss.