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Homemade Cards

>Happy Mother’s Day! Make your mom a homemade card. Homemade cards always feel more special than a card made in a store (although there is nothing wrong with those!). You can make a homemade card with plain paper, construction paper, coloured paper or use special card making supplies. Simply fold your paper in a card

>#86: Virtual Easter Egg Hunt / Bunny Ears

>The Easter Egg Hunt is now closed. However, you can still make the craft (bunny ears) by clicking here. This activity promotes eye-hand coordination. Happy Easter! The Easter bunny has been to It’s All Kid’s Play (dot ca). He mentioned he was going to leave a craft project for my blog readers. He said, “follow

Look for a Leprechaun

> Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Can you find a leprechaun? A leprechaun is a male faerie from Ireland. They are said to have a lot of money (gold). If you keep your eye on one, he can’t escape, but as soon as you look away, he can vanish. So if you see one, keep your

>#29: Make a Valentine

>Happy Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t made (or bought) and given out your valentine’s already, make your own and mail them or give them away. It’s valentine’s day! Let’s celebrate. There are hundreds of ways to make your own valentine so see what you have at home and cut and glue and tape and cut

>#17: Search for a Groundhog

>Happy Groundhog Day! If the groundhog comes out of its burrow and sees its shadow, that means six more weeks of winter! See if you can find a groundhog today. You can look outside, see if you community has a groundhog celebration and a groundhog mascot, or even go to the zoo and see if