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How to Play Shadow Tag

How to Play Shadow Tag The game of tag is a classic childhood favourite game and chances are you’ve played a TON of tag variations. This one is called Shadow Tag. To play Shadow Tag you need two or more players (lots is good!) and enough sun outside to cast a shadow. If you have

King of the Castle

Ever play King of the Castle when you were a kid? If so, you know the taunting challenge and sting of defeat all rolled into one lovely chant sung by the kid who bestest their rivals (you) and gained the spot on top of the hill, pile, rock, picnic table (or whatever else makes them

Knock Your Socks Off Game

Get a pile of friends together and play the Knock Your Socks Off game! It’s so much fun… it’ll knock your socks off!!! How to play Knock Your Socks Off Divide the group of players (6-16 players works well) into two teams. Everyone needs to be wearing socks. The teams get down on their hands

>#334: What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

>Number of players needed for ‘What Time is it Mr. Wolf’: 4 or more. One player is the wolf and everyone else stands far away at a starting point. The wolf keeps their back to the other players (and cannot peek). Everyone asks together, “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” The wolf says a time

Hold a Liar’s Club Meeting

>You won’t really be a liar in a Liar’s Club, you will tell ‘tall tales.’ Tall tales are stories that are based in real life, but grow and grow until they become so tall, they are no longer totally believable. They are lots of fun to listen to! Get some friends together and see who