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Candy Christmas Tree

>Make a pretty, edible (that means you can eat it) Christmas tree. You will need: a pointy ended ice cream cone, green icing, and candies. Cover the ice cream cone with icing and stick your candies on the tree and voila! You have a yummy tree. For icing, you can make your own, or buy

>#325: Cookies in a Jar

>Pull out your favourite cookie recipe, a large sealer jar (you can also use a spaghetti sauce jar), some ribbon and you have a lovely gift. 1. First, make sure your recipe’s dry ingredients will fit in the jar you have chosen. To do that, use your math skills. Add (on paper) up all the

>#324: Gingerbread House

>Make a gingerbread house. And eat it! (I believe that gingerbread houses should be gobbled up!) You will need gingerbread OR graham wafer crackers (you can buy these, which is easier), royal icing (you can find a recipe here–you also might be able to buy some from a bakery or find mix in a grocery

>#300: Blow Bubbles in Your Drink

>Grab a straw and something to drink. Blow through your straw to make bubbles. How many bubbles can you make? Can you make the bubbles come all the way up to the top of your glass? Hint: Milk makes great bubbles. Make this a family activity: Give everyone a straw and blow crazy bubbles. This