>#381: Play With Your Food

>Play with your food! Can you make a picture? A face? A mountain or volcano (mashed potatoes and gravy make a great volcano). Make this a family activity: See what your family does with the same food. This activity promotes creativity.

>#372: Mini Pizzas

>Here are some ingredient ideas for making your own pizza at home. How to make mini pizzas: Crust: Make your own crust from scratch or use mini-pitas or small tortillas (found in the bread aisle). You can also find pre-made crusts in the bread aisle. Sauce: Use canned pizza sauce, salsa, alfredo sauce, or olive

>#355: Have a Picnic

>Have a picnic. Pack up… wait… is it still winter? Hmmm… Have an indoor picnic! If it is cold outside, move the picnic indoors. Pack a lunch into a basket and grab a blanket. Lay the blanket out on the floor and enjoy your picnic. You won’t have to worry about ants! Make this a