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>#40: Apple Bear

>You can have as many players as you want, but 2-5 is a good number. Start with ‘A’. The first player says a word that starts with A, then next player repeats it plus adds something that starts with the letter B, and on and on until the players are through the alphabet. The trick

>#23: Simon Says

>You will need four or more players. One player is ‘Simon’ and the other players stand in front of Simon. Simon tells the group to do different actions by saying “Simon says…(and whatever he wants them to do–like stand on one foot, or hop up and down or touch their nose).” The group then follows

>#12: Duck, Duck, Goose

>You will need 4-10 people to play this game. (You can play with fewer people or more people, but it isn’t quite as much fun.) Everyone sits in a circle, facing in. One player is chosen to start the game. They walk around the outside of the circle and touch each player on the head