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>#127: Guess the Number

> 21? 40? 5? 87? One player picks a number in their head. The other player(s) try and guess what the number is. They can ask questions like, “is it higher than _______?” For example: Is the number over 60?No.Is it an even number?Yes.Is it 20?No.Is it over 20?Yes.Is it 44?Yes! Make it a family

>#108: Charades

>One player acts out a word, phrase, movie title, person, or pretty much anything they can think of and the rest of the group tries to guess what they are acting out. The actor cannot speak or make any noises while acting out their charade. The player who guesses correctly gets to act out the

>#89: British Bulldog

>You will need lots of space (outside is best) and about 10 players. Three players hold hands and stand in a line in the middle of the playing area. These players are the bulldogs. When they are ready, they yell “British Bulldog” and the other players try to run to the other end of the

Spoon Water Races

> This game is best played outside as things can get a bit wet. You will need a couple of friends, some water, containers and some spoons. The idea is to empty one small container of water into another. The trick is, you can only use a spoon to take the water from one container

>#67: Going on a Picnic

>The more people playing, the more challenging this game becomes. One person starts by saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I am taking a…” (say something they are going to bring). The next person then repeats the sentence and adds something they are bringing. For example: Person one: “I am going on a picnic

Play ‘What If?’

>What would happen if…an elephant ran the town instead of the mayor? What if aliens abducted your teacher? (What would school be like then?) What if you were famous or your parents were famous? What if your dog could talk? There is no limit to the ‘what if’ questions you can ask yourself or a