>#170: Human Knot

>How do you make a Human Knot? Gather people together–the more you have holding hands, the harder it gets! Everyone stands in a group and grabs hands. Once everyone has someone else’s hand in each of their hands, everyone slowly tries to untie the human knot to form a large circle. But don’t let go

>#149: Spoons

>You will need 4 or more players, a spoon for each player (minus one player), and a deck of cards. Spoons are placed in the middle of the players where everyone can reach them. One spoon per player, minus one player. So, if you have 4 players, put out 3 spoons. From the deck of

>#141: Tag

>Number of players: Best with 4 or more. One player is ‘it’. The ‘it’ player tries to tag (lightly touch) one of the other players making them ‘it’. Once another player becomes ‘it’, the used-to-be ‘it’ player has to get away from the ‘it’ player just like everyone else or they will be tagged and