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>#317: Hot Potato

>To play Hot Potato, you will need 4 or more players. The rule for Hot Potato are: One player is a leader who stands with their back to the group. The other players stand close together and pass a ‘potato’. (The ‘potato’ can be a ball or teddy bear, it doesn’t have to be a

Hold a Liar’s Club Meeting

>You won’t really be a liar in a Liar’s Club, you will tell ‘tall tales.’ Tall tales are stories that are based in real life, but grow and grow until they become so tall, they are no longer totally believable. They are lots of fun to listen to! Get some friends together and see who

>#267: Farmer in the Dell

>Number of players needed to play Farmer in the Dell: 10 or more. Players hold hands and dance in circle around one player who is the farmer. As everyone sings the song (below) the farmer picks someone from the circle to be his wife. The wife then picks a child, the child picks a nurse,

>#170: Human Knot

>How do you make a Human Knot? Gather people together–the more you have holding hands, the harder it gets! Everyone stands in a group and grabs hands. Once everyone has someone else’s hand in each of their hands, everyone slowly tries to untie the human knot to form a large circle. But don’t let go

>#161: Red Light, Green Light

>To play Red Light, Green Light, you will need 4 or more players and lots of room. One player is the ‘light’. They stand away from the group with their back facing the group. When the light says “green light” everyone moves toward the light. When the light says “red light” everyone must freeze. The

>#149: Spoons

>You will need 4 or more players, a spoon for each player (minus one player), and a deck of cards. Spoons are placed in the middle of the players where everyone can reach them. One spoon per player, minus one player. So, if you have 4 players, put out 3 spoons. From the deck of

>#141: Tag

>Number of players: Best with 4 or more. One player is ‘it’. The ‘it’ player tries to tag (lightly touch) one of the other players making them ‘it’. Once another player becomes ‘it’, the used-to-be ‘it’ player has to get away from the ‘it’ player just like everyone else or they will be tagged and