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Ring Toss Craft and Activity/Game

Do your kids have Olympic fever? Or maybe they’re just looking for a fun game to play around the house (hello, rainy day activity!), or one to play at a birthday party… either way, I’ve got you covered. This ring toss game is an easy craft using recycled materials you can find around the house.

Sports Day: Homemade Hurdles for Kids

[divider] One of the local private schools was having a sports day / track day / Olympics for their students in the playground the other day. So while chasing my son and his friends around the playground, I snagged a picture for you of something I thought was really cool. Ta da! They are homemade

>#390: Unfortunately – Fortunately

>The game Unfortunately-Fortunately is a pile of fun and will get you thinking. Take turns with a friend or bunch of friends and switch between ‘unfortunately’ and ‘fortunately’. Start with unfortunately.For example:First person: “Unfortunately our essay that was due next week is really due tomorrow morning.”Next person: “Fortunately, I have mine done.”Next person: “Unfortunately the

>#363: Categories

>Categories can be a tricky game. If players are to keep the rhythm, this is a game best suited for ages 9 and up. If players don’t need to keep the rhythm, this game can be for younger players–ages 6 and up. Everyone sits in a circle and claps or slaps their legs to a

Knock Your Socks Off Game

Get a pile of friends together and play the Knock Your Socks Off game! It’s so much fun… it’ll knock your socks off!!! How to play Knock Your Socks Off Divide the group of players (6-16 players works well) into two teams. Everyone needs to be wearing socks. The teams get down on their hands

>#334: What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

>Number of players needed for ‘What Time is it Mr. Wolf’: 4 or more. One player is the wolf and everyone else stands far away at a starting point. The wolf keeps their back to the other players (and cannot peek). Everyone asks together, “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” The wolf says a time

>#319: Improv Freeze Tag

>To play Improv Freeze Tag, you will need 5 or more players. What is Improv or Improvisation? It is a form of drama/acting. Instead of a script telling actors and actresses what to do, the actors and actresses make it all up as they go. It can be silly and also very challenging! How to