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>#106: Make a Photo Album

>Have you been taking your own pictures like in activity #85? Or maybe you have photos laying around or on the computer? Make a photo album! You can print your pictures and put them in a photo album from the store, or make your own album. You can even make a photo album online or

>#35: Decorate a Mug

>There are many ways to decorate a mug (coffee cup). If you have a digital photo you would like to have printed on a cup, you can see if your local photo lab (look online too) as well as your local printing shop does this. If you want to get fancier, you can also add

>#10: Make Animals Out of Pipe Cleaners

>Be creative with pipe cleaners. Make animals by twisting and bending pipe cleaners together. Can you make a whole zoo full of animals? If you have googly eyes, you can glue some on like in the photo below. Have fun! Note: You can find pipe cleaners in arts and craft stores as well as most