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>#316: Butterfly

>Make a very easy, beautiful butterfly. You will need: a white paper coffee filter, washable markers, a black pipe cleaner, scissors, spray bottle that can mist water, and two pieces of paper towel. 1. Cut your pipe cleaner in half (you need a piece about 4-5 inches long). Set it aside. 2. Colour the filter

>#313: Make a Scrapbook

>Make a scrapbook. It can be fancy, or simple. Take an unlined notebook and glue or tape items into your book. They can be photographs, mementos (like ticket stubs, invitations, or pretty much anything you can stick to the page), magazine or newspaper clippings (maybe articles or pictures of your sports team or someone you

>#306: Make Your Own Magnet

>There are many different ways to make your own magnets. If you are good with computers and have a printer, you can buy a magnet sheet at a stationary store and print directly onto it using your home printer. This is nice if you like to make drawings on the computer or if you have

>#302: Make a Centerpiece

>Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans out there. A centerpiece is something you place in the middle of a table for decoration. There are hundreds of different ideas and types of centerpieces. What do you think would look nice? Something made of flowers? Pine cones? Wood? Paper? Be creative. If you need ideas or designs, try

>#260: Make or Decorate a Picture Frame

>You can make or decorate your own picture frame. If you are decorating one, find a frame (garage sales, dollar stores and second hand stores are good places to look for inexpensive frames) that you can paint, colour or decorate with markers or cover with cloth. Some ideas: Use paint or markers to color your

>#219: Popcorn String

>You will need: popcorn, needle, and string. Pop popcorn in an air popper (do not use microwave popcorn). Thread a needle with string and stick the needle through the popcorn. Keeping sewing popcorn onto your string until you have a length you want. You can place it on the Christmas tree or place it outside