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Beading Crafts for Kids

Why Beading Crafts for Kids are Good Not only are beading crafts for kids a ton of fun to make, but it develops all kinds of super-good skills in your kiddos. For example, beading develops fine motor skills, patience, and creativity. As well, children learn about patterns, planning ahead, spatial awareness–will that length of bracelet

Painted Rocks

Looking for an easy, fun craft for the kids to do? Maybe looking for a little decoration in your garden? Maybe looking for a homemade gift idea that is high on meaning and shy on cost? How about a painted rock craft for your kids? How to Make a Painted Rock Craft   First, find

Clothespin Mermaid

These adorable clothespin mermaids are a simple and easy (and inexpensive) craft for kids to make. Supplies needed to make clothespin mermaids: Old-fashioned wooden clothespins (They are the rounded ones with no metal in them. You can now find these in craft stores or dollar stores.) Markers Yarn White glue A small sheet of craft

>#391: Light Switch Cover

>Hmmm… does you room need a little decorating? An easy way to brighten up your room is to dress up your light switch cover (the rectangle plate around your light switch). To make the cover shown, cut out a piece of crafting foam that is the same size as your cover. Then, cut out the

>#383: Make a Puppet

>Make a puppet! Making a puppet can be as simple or as hard as you want it to be! Here are instructions on how to make different kinds of puppets: Paper Bag Puppets: Take a paper lunch bag and where the bottom of the bag folds, create a face. The fold will be the puppet’s

>#368: Rainstick

>Make your own rainstick (can also be written as rain stick) with these simple instructions: To make a rainstick, you will need: empty paper towel roll, tin foil, 60 mL (1/4 cup) rice, white glue and stickers for decoration. 1) Take a small square of tin foil and glue it over one end of the

>#352: Tie Dye

>To tie-dye you will need these materials: clothing for dying; dye; water; buckets; rubber bands, strips of cloth or thick string; rubber gloves; and an adult. Tie dye instructions:Find an item of clothing (something white is best) that is okay to dye a different colour. If your item is brand new, wash and dry your