>#148: Calligraphy

>Calligraphy is a fancy form of writing that looks very elegant. You will need special calligraphy pens to do calligraphy. A ‘how to’ book helps too as it will show you how to make the letters using your pens. Pens can be found in craft stores and books can be found in the library, craft

>#93: Blind Contour Drawings

>Draw a picture of something without looking at the paper you are drawing on. Pick something that will stay still, like a chair or a plant and without looking at the paper, draw the object. It helps to look at the line of the chair, plant (or whatever you are drawing) while you are drawing

>#52: Draw Using Your Toes

>Looking for a new challenge when you draw? Try holding your pencil between your toes instead of your fingers. See if you can print your name. It’s harder than it looks! You can also try painting. This activity promotes fine motor skills.

>#31: Coin Imprints

>You will need paper, a few coins and a crayon or pencil. Place the coin under the piece of paper and gently rub your crayon or pencil over the paper. It will be bumpy from the coin underneath. Soon, you will find that the shape and texture (the bumps on the coin) will show up