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>#235: Don’t Lift Your Pencil!

>Have you ever tried drawing a whole picture without lifting your pencil off the paper? First, find something you would like to draw. You can start with something simple, like a table. Decide what part of the table you want to start drawing. Put your pencil on the paper, start drawing and keep your pencil

>#223: Draw on Birch Bark

>Birch bark can be used like paper. Draw or colour on birch bark with pens, pencils, pencil crayons or markers. When finding birch bark for drawing, be sure to use birch bark that has already shed off a tree, is on a dead tree, or is almost off the tree. If you pull birch bark

>#218: Paint

>Paint your own picture, paint in a paint book, or do a paint-by-numbers. Identical-sided paintings: Paint one side of a piece of paper and while the paint is still wet, fold the paper in half and press down. The paint from the one side is now on both sides of the paper. Drippy Paintings: Put

Rain Painting

>Let the rain paint you a picture! Drop food colouring on a piece of cardboard or paper plate. Place the cardboard or plate in the rain. The rain will splash the food colouring, making it spread as well as make the colours mix. When the picture is as mixed as you want, pull it inside

>#153: Draw a Picture

>Draw a picture. Use pencils, markers, pencil crayons, crayons, pens…whatever you want to make your drawing. Make it a family activity: Everyone draws a picture. Draw each other, the family pet, the house, the tree out front…anything! This activity promotes fine motor skills and artistic skills.