Bunny Ears Headband Craft for Easter

>Easter is just around the corner and it’s everything eggs and bunnies! Here’s an easy Easter craft for kids: Make a Bunny Ears Headband!

You will need this printable pdf template of the bunny ear headband, paper, markers or crayons, glue, and as an option: tape or a stapler.

Print off the template on white paper. Have your kids colour their ears and cut them out. Glue the bottoms of the ears on a long strip of paper (the headband) about 50 cm/20 inches long. Adjust this around your child’s head and either tape, glue, or staple it at that spot.

Your child is now, officially, a bunny rabbit! Wasn’t that easy?!

Note: While I originally thought cardstock would make better ears, I’ve since discovered that plain paper works well. The curvature of the headband keeps the ears from flopping down. However, if you want more durable ears, cardstock is still a good option.

Make it a family activity: Bunny ears for everyone!
This activity promotes: fine motor skills, imagination, and creativity.

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