>#84: Geocaching

>Let’s go outside and search for geocaches!

What is geocaching (gee-o-cashing)? Geocaching is like a treasure hunt using a GPS (global positioning satellite). (You will need a GPS unit and an Internet connection as well as a sense of adventure!)

By going on the geocaching website and entering your home coordinates (longitude and lattitude) or your postal/zip code, you can see where caches are hidden near you. Read about the cache you are interested in searching for and download the coordinates into your GPS. The next thing to do is follow your GPS to the ‘treasure’ (cache).

There are rules about geocaching such as, don’t remove the cache (that means don’t take it home) and rehide it well once you have signed its logbook. As well, some caches have trinkets that are for trading. If you would like to take something, make a trade with a trinket you’ve brought from home.

Be careful and watch for muggles (non-geocachers who may wonder what you are up to or remove the cache).

Learn more about geocaching on the official geocaching website.

Have fun!

This activity promotes navigation and orienteering skills as well as physical activity in the great outdoors.

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