>#75: Play a Practical Joke

>Happy April Fools’ Day! April Fools’ Day is the first day of April and people play jokes/pranks/practical jokes on others. So be careful! Someone might try to trick you!

The most important part of a prank/practical joke is to make sure your joke won’t hurt anyone because then it wouldn’t be funny, just mean.

A good practical joke is short sheeting someone’s bed. To short sheet someone’s bed, take the blanket, pillow and top sheet off their bed. Take the top sheet and tuck the end under the mattress up at the head of the bed (like you would if you were making your bed, but you are tucking the end in at the head end instead of the foot end of the bed. Now pull the sheet down flat over the bed. About half way down fold the loose end of the sheet back up towards the head end of the bed. Place the blanket over the sheet like you were making the bed. Fold the extra end of the sheet over the edge of the blanket like you normally would. The only thing that is different is when someone tries to put their feet down in their made bed, they won’t be able to because their sheet is folded. If you have a fake dog poop or a fake spider, place that in there too!

This activity promotes being a good sport.

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