>#68: Round Up!

You can add your own rules or change the game to work for where you are driving. Here are a few rules to get you started:

Each player chooses a side of the road. They will try to spot as many cows as they can on their side of the road. That means they can’t count any cows they see on the other player’s side.

If a player sees a dog (either side of the road), and says, “cow round-up” first, they add the other player’s cow total to their own (the other player doesn’t lose any points though).

If a player sees a semi with a cow hauler, and says, “cows went on a trip” first, the other team loses all their cows and has to start at zero again.

If a player sees a grocery store and are the first to say, “cows got fed”, they add 100 more cows to their total.

If one player is behind the other player in points and they see a food truck of any kind (like a grocery truck, fast food truck, pop truck) they can yell “Ketchup” and they will ‘catch-up’ in points and be even with the other player again.

VARIATIONS: You can change this game depending on where you live. Instead of cows, try gas stations. Each player tries to spot as many gas stations as they can on their side of the road. If they see a gas truck, they say “fill up” and get 10 points. If they see a tow truck, the first one to say, “out of gas” makes the other team lose all their points. Whoever sees a gas station billboard and says, “Gas Bonus”, they add the other teams points to their own, but the other team does not lose their points.

What other variations can you think of?

(Note: You can print out this game as well as other car ride games by clicking here.)

This activity promotes visual identification skills, counting skills and memory skills.

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