>#4: People Watching

> This one is good if you are waiting for your parents.

Hang on, what is people watching? Well, people watching is…when you watch people!

You can people watch anywhere you find people (it might be out your front window, at school, just down the street or at the mall).

Look at the people walking around. What strange things are people wearing? How many women wear skirts and how many wear pants? How many men wear hats? What do the people you see do for a living? Are they nice, serious, goofy?

A sure way to make yourself giggle (or your friends) is to make up stories of how couples met. It is okay to be very silly. Hey! Look at that couple that met at the circus who live at the North Pole, eat only broccoli and used to work as elves for Santa!

This activity promotes the ability to self-entertain, math skills when counting as well as visual and creativity skills.

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