>#391: Light Switch Cover

Hmmm… does you room need a little decorating? An easy way to brighten up your room is to dress up your light switch cover (the rectangle plate around your light switch).

To make the cover shown, cut out a piece of crafting foam that is the same size as your cover. Then, cut out the rectangular hole for the switch. One easy way to get the right size and shape is to have an adult remove the cover from the wall and trace the shape and switch hole onto the foam.

Cut out the foam and decorate it with other foam shapes.

Stick your new cover on your old cover using tape (or if you are allowed, use glue).

Variations: You can also make a cover using cardstock (thin cardboard) instead of foam. Glue buttons, sparkles, sequins, ribbon, pictures, or draw or paint on your cover. (Or try it all!) Use your imagination and you can’t go wrong!

Make this a family activity: Everyone can make one for each room of the house.

This activity promotes creativity.

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