>#375: Research Someone Famous/You Admire

>Research someone famous, or someone you admire. Is there someone you know or someone you have heard of that you want to learn more about?

Make a list of questions you are interested in finding the answers to. They might be questions like: What is their favourite colour? How old are they? When and where were they born? Do they have brothers or sisters? What was their first job? What did they like to do in their free time?

In parts of Canada it is Family Day. Maybe there is someone in your family that you would like to learn more about. Where they were born, etc. Ask your family to help you research this person and learn more about them.

In the USA it is President’s Day. Maybe you’d like to learn more about a past president? Look them up by their name in the library or on the internet.

Make this a family activity: Get the family researching people they are interested in and then share what you’ve learned.

This activity promotes research skills, knowledge attainment, and satiates as well as creates curiosity.

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