>#372: Mini Pizzas

>Here are some ingredient ideas for making your own pizza at home.

How to make mini pizzas:

Crust: Make your own crust from scratch or use mini-pitas or small tortillas (found in the bread aisle). You can also find pre-made crusts in the bread aisle.

Sauce: Use canned pizza sauce, salsa, alfredo sauce, or olive oil mixed with Parmesan and garlic.

Toppings: Be creative! What have you got? Cheese, olives, peppers, pineapple, olives, mushrooms, cooked chicken, salami, pepperoni, canned tuna, ground beef, pineapple, cooked potato, sausage, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, cooked noodles…

Have an adult pop your pizza in the oven at 350F or toaster oven until the cheese turns light brown around the edges. Enjoy! And watch the cheese–it might be hot!

Make this a family activity: Make supper for your family, or get everyone together to make their own pizzas!

This activity promotes culinary skills.

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