>#352: Tie Dye

>To tie-dye you will need these materials: clothing for dying; dye; water; buckets; rubber bands, strips of cloth or thick string; rubber gloves; and an adult.

Tie dye instructions:
Find an item of clothing (something white is best) that is okay to dye a different colour. If your item is brand new, wash and dry your item.

Tie strips of cloth/rubber bands/thick string around the item you are dying. Where you tie the strips the dye can’t colour and it will remain the original colour. Make sure the ties are very tight so dye doesn’t seep underneath them.

Have an adult mix your dye according to the package directions. If you mix the dye in a large bucket you can dip your item into the dye. Make sure you wear old clothes, rubber gloves (so you don’t dye your hands) and cover your work area with plastic or newspaper.

After dipping the item in the dye a few times, rinse it really well in cold water and then again in warm water. Afterwards, you can take your ties off and admire your new tie-dyed item. (Lay it flat to dry.)

Make this a family activity: Tie dye something for everyone.

This activity promotes an awareness of textiles, the dying process and a bit of chemistry too.

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